App Marketplace in Progress Rollbase

In this blog, we will look at the out of the box App Marketplace in Progress Rollbase and its features.

A pre-requisite for building an effective ecosystem is a compelling online marketplace. The listing makes it easy to discover, evaluate, and ultimately purchase applications built by partners and customers. This benefits Independent Software Vendors (ISV) as it gives them broader exposure to their applications. The application marketplace is an essential feature for any Service Providers (SPs).

Rollbase Hosted Cloud App Marketplace

You can check out our Hosted Cloud Marketplace @



For our comprehensive online documentation on Marketplace, please refer Using the Progress Rollbase Marketplace

Marketplace offerings

Let’s quickly look at what the App Marketplace has to offer with a summary of its exciting features.

Public-facing website with a modern UI

The Marketplace provides a modern and robust user interface to the customers with the ability to browse, search and Install Rollbase applications.

Featured, Popular and New Apps

The applications are broadly put into three categories which are – Featured, Popular and New.

Featured – These are sample application templates offered by Progress Software royalty free. These apps serve as templates to kick start the application development process. 

Popular – These are the most popular apps in the decreasing order of the number of installations.

New – The most recently published applications on the Marketplace.


Apart from support for Free apps, it also supports listing for paid applications which the customers (such as ISV) wants to sell. But, please note that the current version only supports listing for paid apps. It does not facilitate or handle any payments. The listing will hold a link named ‘Learn More’ which on click will redirect you to a website that is capable of handling such transactions.

Support for Categoriescategories

Marketplace offers support for associating one or more categories to the applications. This helps narrow down to the application you need with just one click. This also helps organize and maintain the applications without much hassle.


To know more, please refer to our online documentation on Managing the Marketplace using the Marketplace application in Rollbase Private Cloud

Carousel for Announcements

Marketplace lets you configure banners per application which will help in announcements such as the arrival of an exciting new application or market one. These banners show up in a carousel on the Home Page.


To know more on carousels, please refer to our online documentation on Managing the Marketplace using the Marketplace application in Rollbase Private Cloud

Search for Applications

Marketplace comes equipped with the search functionality. You can search for apps with their name, keywords, wild cards etc. You can further filter the search results by categories, price, rating and publisher.


Beautifully designed App Details page

The App details page has been carefully designed to have all the relevant information nicely organized. It shows up a logo for the application followed by the application details such as categories, publisher, average rating etc. The rest of the details are neatly put into a tabbed layout with tabs being description, screenshots, reviews and publisher. The screenshots tab shows all the full sized screenshots as a thumbnail and expands upon click. The Reviews tab contains nice gadgets to show the average and overall ratings and reviews.





Share apps on Social Network

You can also share the apps with your colleagues, friends or others on your Social Network from the Marketplace. The App details page contains in-built integration for the prominent social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There is also an option to email the app link.


Feedback for Apps

The Marketplace comes in equipped with the two most famous feedback mechanisms which are Review ratings and Flag as Inappropriate. Reviews can be submitted by any user who has already installed the application. Reviews once submitted cannot be modified. Users who submitted a review can view their review by clicking on ‘My Review’ link on the app details page. The submitted reviews need to be validated for any violation of the public content and approved. Once approved, the reviews and the selected rating shall be available on the Marketplace.


Users can report any violations in the application content via the ‘Flag as Inappropriate’ link on the Description tab. A notification is sent to the master admin and the publisher of the app with the details of the report. These reports/flags then help the administrator in initiating appropriate action.


To know more on managing ratings and flags, please refer to our online documentation on Managing the Marketplace using the Marketplace application in Rollbase Private Cloud

Marketplace for Private Cloud

Rollbase brings the Marketplace support even to your private cloud installations. Follow the simple steps from our online documentation on Enabling Marketplace on Private Cloud to setup your own personalized Marketplace. Rollbase Private Cloud users can configure a private version of the Marketplace (one per installation), to distribute applications only to their users.

Re-branding & Managing Marketplace

You can easily re-brand the Marketplace to suit to your requirements. As part of the customization you can override the default theme & logo etc. Please read our online documentation on Re-branding Marketplace. Also, private cloud master admin can completely control the Marketplace artifacts by visiting the Marketplace app. Yes, you heard it right, Rollbase Marketplace is in itself an App. Isn’t it cool!!!

marketplace-appStatus Notifications

Marketplace sends notifications to its users to inform on the various statuses. These notifications form a major communication medium during App publishing and approval. Right from the moment the user publishes an App until the app is approved and available in the Marketplace, every step sends out email notifications. These notifications are essential for the users to track where the process is. To know more on the notifications and how to configure them for Private Cloud, please refer to our online documentation on Configuring Marketplace notifications on Private Cloud.

Approval for applications in Marketplace

Unlike any other app store, we also offer an out of the box approval process for submitting and approving applications into Marketplace. The steps involved briefly span out like this:

  1. Create an Application in your account.
  2. Go to App settings page and click on Publish.
  3. Enter all the relevant details such as categories for your app, screenshots, publisher info etc. and click submit.

That’s it. Your application has been submitted to your Rollbase administrator (master admin) for approval and an email notification is sent to him. Please refer to our online documentation to know more about Submitting an application to Marketplace.

The admins approve the app by:

  1. Login to the master tenant.
  2. Go to Marketplace app and move to Published Applications Tab.
  3. View the newly published application awaiting approval. At this point, the admin will validate the content information and can also do a preview of how this app would look on the Marketplace before approving it.
  4. Approves the app.

At this point, the app is available in Marketplace for all users to view and Install. The process is similar when you need to publish updates for an application except the approval process. Upon submission, the app update is automatically available in Marketplace without further approval from master admin. The master admin is sent a notification about this and can review the content.

Please refer to our online documentation to know more about Approving and publishing application on Marketplace.

Install/Update application from Marketplace

Any user with required permissions can Install/Update application from the Marketplace. You will see different options on the app details page based on your login status.

Free Trial  This option shows up for all users who are not logged in to their accounts in Rollbase. Clicking on this takes you to a registration page on our Hosted Cloud version. Upon successful registration, you will be receiving an email about your account details and the selected app will be available in your account. When you successfully login, you will see the app as your default app. In the case of our Private Cloud version, clicking on Free Trial takes you to the Login Page. Upon successful login, the app will be available for you in your tenant.


Install – This option shows up for all logged in users who have sufficient permissions to install the application. Clicking on Install will install the application into your tenant and update the status on Marketplace to ‘Installed’.



Update – This option shows up for all logged in users who have sufficient permissions to update the application and have previously installed an earlier version of the app. Clicking on update, prompts the users with some choices and updates the application in the tenant.


Please refer to our online documentation to know more about Installing an application from the Marketplace.


To conclude, we looked at the new App Marketplace that comes out of the box with the platform and its features. We will be adding more features as support for a payment gateway for paid apps, showing clear differentiation on what changed during app update etc. very soon. Thanks for reading this blog and hope you liked it. Have a great day!!!