Hybrid Mobile App using Telerik Platform & Rollbase

In this blog we will learn how to create an elementary Hybrid Mobile App using Telerik Platform & Progress Rollbase that accesses data over JSDO.

Telerik Platform from Telerik (a Progress company) is a mobile application development platform for creating cross platform and native apps for Apple iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. Rollbase is a low-code platform that helps create all sorts of applications at an unprecedented speed and efficiency.

During the course of this blog, we will build a “Personal Diary” Hybrid Mobile Application that involves:

  • Creating a “Personal Diary” Application in Rollbase. This would involve creating objects and fields, and would serve as a data store for our Hybrid Mobile Application.
  • Exposing this over Progress Data Catalog(JSDO).
  • Creating a “Personal Diary” Hybrid Mobile App in Telerik platform. This Mobile App will use the Progress Data Catalog and interact with Rollbase to perform the CRUD operations.

Creating an Account in Progress Rollbase

Let’s first have a look at how you can create your own account in Rollbase. It has a Hosted Trial version where you can just sign up/login. It is also available as an installer that you can download and install on your infrastructure.

Once you log in to your account in Rollbase, you will see the Home screen

Progress Rollbase Home

Creating an Application in Rollbase

Rollbase offers various ways to create an Application. For the purpose of this blog, I will use the ‘Let me build it my way’ option. Let’s look at how we can quickly create an Application using this option and an add object to it with an image walk-through.

  1. Click on ‘New Application’ from sidebar in Home Page.NewApplication
  2. Select the ‘Let me build it my way’ option from the ‘New Application’ popup window.


3. Enter the details such as Name, Description etc. for the Application and ‘Save’.


4. You will now see the newly created Application’s home page. Now, click on the plus button to create a new object definition.


Creating an Object in Rollbase

1. Choose the first option ‘A new object(with Tab)’ in the popup among other options of creating an object in Rollbase and click on ‘Create’.


2. Enter the details for the object and click on ‘Save’.


3. You will now see the newly created Application’s home page which shows the newly created object’s tab. Let’s also quickly create a new record which is then shown in the grid.


Creating a Progress Data Catalog in Rollbase

Now, we have a “Personal Diary” application in Rollbase which has “Log” as an object that will record your daily activities. Now, lets take a look at how we can expose this data over Progress Data Catalog for further use in Telerik platform with an image walk-through.

  1. From the ‘Application Setup’ page, click on ‘Catalogs’.

Catalog-Application setup

2. On the ‘Catalogs’ section, click on ‘New Progress Data Catalog’ to create a new Progress Data Catalog.


3. Enter the details for the Catalog such as Name, Description etc., select the ‘Log’ object and move it to the Selected list. Now, click on ‘Save’ and a catalog will be created.


4. Shows a list of catalogs created. From this list, click on Catalog ‘MyPersonalDiary’ link.


5. You can now see the details of the Catalog. Please note the URL in this page.


Now, we can start building Hybrid Mobile app in Telerik platform.

Creating a Hybrid Mobile App in Telerik platform

In order to start using Telerik platform, you should first create an account (if not already) and log in. The platform also provides various social integration logins that can be used to quickly start using the platform.

Telerik Platform Login

Telerik platform offers various ways to create a Hybrid Mobile App. For the purpose of this blog, I will use the ‘Advanced’ option with ‘Progress Data Service’ template. Let’s look at how we can quickly create a Hyrbid Mobile App using this option and an integrate it with Progress Data Catalog exposed from Rollbase with an image walk-through.

  1. Create a Hybrid Mobile app from Telerik platform as shown below and provide the necessary details such as ‘Name’ & ‘Description’.

Telerik Platform - Create App

2. The Hybrid Mobile App is created for you with all the necessary files to start using Progress Data Services. There are various helpful links such as this that can help you understand the various components and how-to’s of Progress data objects, services and catalogs.

Telerik Platoform- app home

3. Let’s now configure the progress data services.

Telerik Platform - JSDO Settings

Now, let’s run the Application in the device simulator and take a look at the Hybrid App.

Telerik Platform - Simulator

Now, let’s login and navigate to List tab to view the ‘Log’ records we created in Rollbase. Voila !!!.

Telerik Platform - App Login Telerik Platform - Log records


To conclude, we looked at how easy it is to develop a Hybrid Mobile Application using the Progress Data Services using Telerik Platform and Rollbase. We can also enhance the html templates in the Telerik platform by using various JSDO functions available in the Progress Data Catalog for the ‘Log’ resource and develop a fully functional CRUD app in no-time. There are mobile themes offered by Telerik as part of Kendo UI suite which can be used to decorate your app and give it a pleasant look and feel.